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So I’m now officially throwing my hat into the blogging ring.  This is my first official “Hello World” to put out there.

Why am I interesting in blogging?  Well, to tell the truth, I’m about as introverted as somebody can get.  I grew up in the backwoods of Idaho, where the population density is something like .5 people/square mile.  My people are known for their actions and not their words.  In our world, it’s nobody’s business what we think, want, or do.

However, when I look around me (I do computer security for a wide variety of US Government agencies), I see lots of things that need fixing.  Don’t get me wrong, the government has lots of good things going for it. Inside DC, there is the highest density of the brightest security managers that anyone could hope for.  Unfortunately, it also has this huge inefficiency and bureaucracy in information security management that sometimes implodes under its own weight.  Since the government has an inertia all to itself, nothing short of a cultural change will fix the few fundamental security problems that it has.

How do we bring about a cultural change?  Well, for starters, you get your thoughts into print and out into the world.  That’s where teaching comes in.  That’s where this blog comes in.  That’s where being published comes in.

I’m now doing 2 of the 3.  I’ll get the third once I have something more formal and polished.

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