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My friends and I will be teaching the NIST Framework for FISMA with the Potomac Forum from July 13th to August 10 in 5 Friday segments.  This is a small (limited to 35) class and is restricted to government employees only because we go down into frightening detail. =)

I always love this series.  The students start out being quiet and expecting us to force-feed them powerpoint slides in the beginning, but by the end, they know the entire IA framework and are very vocal about defending their position on why a certain risk should be accepted or not.  I get all choked up inside to hear people talk about making a cost-benefit-risk decision and giving a system a conditional ATO.

As a side note, I wrote most of the exercises and tell everybody that the actual answer you gave isn’t as important as the logic you used to get there, but really what you should do is pick one answer and be ready to argue. =)

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  1.  Darren Couch Says:

    Is there anyone on the west coast doing anything like this? I sure would like to convince my CW5 that we need to send some people to this.

  2.  rybolov Says:

    Usually not. We did one 2-day seminar in San Diego in October of 2005. Other than that, you stay where the interest is, and that is DC.

    We have had several people commute. I think the record is the guy who flew every week from Texas. That’s dedication, and I guess his agency really needed the expertise.

    The one caveat is beware of people selling training. Usually it’s a thinly-disguised vendor pitch for a compliance validation tool.

  3.  h@lon73 Says:

    For the love of G@D please come out west. Just by your presence the regional IA Risk IQ would spike!

    There are over 30 agencies out here and plenty of folks who need a good talkin too!

  4.  rybolov Says:

    Hey, forgot one thing. We do a 2-day straight C&A seminar roughly every quarter. It’s a larger group and the material is very dense, but it’s a good match for somebody who is traveling to DC to attend. We just did one in May, so keep an eye on the Potomac Forum site for a class to be announced in a month or so.

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