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I’m doing Security Awareness and Training.  This is aimed at the average user, so for me to be taking it, it’s like a Navy destroyer taking on a zodiac.

I’m not going to name the organization that this training was for, because they probably don’t want the rest of the world to know.  There’s a reason for this:  the training sucked.

It was 2 people talking behind a podium without any good presentation skills.  Even for security content which is slow sometimes, this was a new low.  The sad part is that it was some really smart people trying to teach their audience too much and in such a disorganized fashion that they ended up confusing most of them.

Mike’s version of what Security Awareness and Training should be for the average user:

  • You have no privacy on our network or computers
  • Doing this list of things will get you sent to a federal prison
  • Doing this list of things will get you fired
  • If you suspect something is strange, call the help desk
  • If you have any security-specific questions, here is how you can reach me to ask
  • Don’t do anything that seems stupid at the time, if you have to ask if it’s OK to do, then the answer is probably “no”.
  • Have a nice day

Notice I don’t believe in trying to educate users what a firewall is, the basics of CIA, none of that.  They won’t remember it, just like I try to forget everything I know about asset depreciation and the other fine points of counting beans.

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