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My wife used to work for this guy as his pixel engineer making posters, flyers, etc.  As a sideline, he started making horror movies with private financing–if you give him $100 you get to be a big-shot movie producer:

For just $100, you can be listed as a producer on the cool horror anthology, TWISTED FATES. In addition, you will get a free copy of the finished tape and a special certificate honoring your role as producer. While the movie is in production, you’ll be kept up updated via e-mail and have access to private “sneak peek” webpages offering early glimpses at screen captures from the shoot.

Now usually he cranks out such ultra-B movies about such interesting subjects as Redneck Bloodsucking Vampires and The Evilmaker.  In order to get a little taste of the peril, check out the video review for BRV.  Think of a modern-day Ed Wood.

Well, Dr Squid has a  zombie movie:  Zombie Love Slave.  I’m waiting for him to figure out what kind of vehicle he wants to release the movie in.  A side project of mine is to convince him that he needs to make more zombie movies.

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  1.  Darren Couch Says:

    “The Evilmaker” – that sounds almost Mary Poppinish. “Just a dab of Rage, a teaspoon of guilt, and a good smattering of giggles…aaand….Voila!”

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