Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache on “Will security firms detect police spyware?”

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Very interesting article on keyloggers and the AV companies.

I’m sitting here trying to think about the problem, the scenario goes something like this:

  • I’m the police/$favorite_member_of_NIC and need to keylog somebody
  • I need to get the keylogger to the target and their computer
  • I need the anti-malware detector on the target computer to not find my product so I can both get a foothold and continue to collect evidence.

So putting on my thinking cap, this is a fairly complicated attack. Yes, malware vendors do it all the time, but they aren’t selective usually in what their target is–they’re throwing what they have at a bajillion targets and taking what sticks.

In order to do this attack right, I would need to know which type of AV/endpoint security the target uses or I need a technique that none of the vendors know about or how to detect. In order to find out the AV that the target uses, I can either break in, hire a snitch, or use a wiretap to wait for the software to phone home for a signature update.  Once I know what exactly the target uses for protection, I can plan the attack.

Of course, this assumes that AV is 100% effective, which we all know isn’t true. =)

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