Marketers and Security People

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Basic test of intelligence: Marketer:CISO as ?:?

  • Oil:Water
  • Promises:Delivery
  • Matter:Antimatter
  • Optimism:Pessimism
  • Lies:Truth
  • FUD:Anti-FUD
  • Cash Flow:Stagnation

Basically, the 2 don’t mix, and that’s why deep down inside I remain skeptical about anybody who can take what I do, productize/solutionize it, and start selling it to people.  Most of the time when I start thinking about it, I don’t think security scales the way that it needs to for people to make money on it.  Then I remember my core belief that security is no different from IT which is no different than business, we only think that it’s different.

After awhile in the security industry, you can’t help but be cynical about the whole deal.  Utimately, it’s the customer’s responsibility to secure their data–as a vendor, consultant, etc, it’s my responsibility to help, and sometimes that means going away because they aren’t ready for what I’m offering.

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2 Responses

  1.  shrdlu Says:


    That’s all I can think of for now … they’re shooting at me again.

  2.  Saso Says:

    I’m in two minds about that one. 😉

    I think the major problem is that most non-marketing people only ever meet the bottom-feeders, or “those pushy sales guys” and never actually spend any quality time with smart marketing people. Yes, they do exist.

    Corollary: when you talk to non-IT people, their image of IT is “nerds and much worse”. Actually, come to think of it, that’s my image of IT too. *shrug*

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