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Posted December 11th, 2007 by

“Paranoia” is the name of the server this blog is hosted on.  It’s a very “modest” box, probably a dinosaur at this point.   Some quick specs:

  • VA Linux (remember them?) 2240
  • 2 x PIII-650 processors
  • 1GB RAM
  • 3 x 18GB drives in a RAID-5

And yet, it does everything I want it to:  mail and web for a handful of domains.  =)

A couple of  months ago, paranoia hung on me.  A quick hardware reboot and it came back up, but I was short a processor.

So last night I swapped out processors, added a new UPS and apcupsd, and while I was physically in the same room, upgraded the kernel.

One last word of advice for older hardware and upgrades:  Check out stress, which is a program to put a load on your machine so you can test the processors, RAM, etc.

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2 Responses

  1.  Darren Couch Says:

    Nifty program! I used it to see why my older “dinosaur” (p4 3 Ghz)home boxen was hanging so much after a new HD install.

  2.  rybolov Says:

    Try using a process viewer (top, free, or something more in-depth) at the same time as stress to get a better idea on what’s happening.

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