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Posted January 14th, 2008 by

During Christmas I took 2 weeks of vacation with a blogging break at both the beginning and the end.   I’m now ready to write some more.

Ah yes, the joy of doing nothing.  I’m back to work and ready for more stories of life in the information security trenches.

So what do I do when I’m not at work harassing the engineers? This is how a Guerilla CISO spends his 2 weeks of “relative bliss”:

  • Played a ton of Guild Wars (cedega on Debian)
  • Hooked up my wife with a dual-core Ubuntu workstation
  • Moved my wife’s mac to be a slave for fileserving and vnc sessions
  • Fixed up an older laptop with Ubuntu to make it useful again
  • General tech refreshes for some things: 2GB RAM upgrade, 2 new Nvidia cards
  • Started a friend’s 10-year-old down the pygame road

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3 Responses

  1.  Darren Couch Says:

    what, no smallie hunting? =)

  2.  rybolov Says:

    No smallies in the winter. To be honest, I don’t know how well that would work because supposedly it gets too cold for them to eat much. Hey, maybe it’s a secret winter hotness that nobody except the true kooks have tried.

    Usually you can hit tailwaters for trout (Gunpowder Falls) in the winter because they have reasonably stable flows, but the rain and snowmelt keeps the regular freestone streams swollen.

    I’ll give winter smallmouth a try sometime and let the world know how it works. =)

  3.  Darren Couch Says:

    Yeah, I’m feeling the blasted flow–every scouting expedition to the Alsea or points close has ended in crazy huge water. Hopefully by March I can risk some wading without getting shoved onderneath a snag…

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