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Check out this article by Andy Boots on the Tech Insiders blog.

It brings up an interesting point:  Agencies do not typically have a CSO-level manager.  According to FISMA, each agency has to have a CISO whose primary responsibility is information security.

But typically these CISOs do not have any authority over physical security or personnel security:  in reality, they work for the CIO and only have scope over what the CIO manages:  data centers, networks, servers, desktops, applications, and databases.

Except for one thing:  we’re giving today’s Government CISO a catalog of controls that contain physical and personnel security.  The “party line” that I’ve gotten from NIST is that the CISOs need to work through the CIO to effect change with the areas that are out of their control.  I personally think it’s a bunch of bull and that we’ve given CISOs all of the responsibility and none of the authority that they need to get the job done.  In my world, I call that a “scapegoat”.

To be honest, I think we’re doing a disservice to our CISOs, but the only way to fix it is to either move our existing CISOs out of the CIOs staff and make them true CxOs or write a law creating an agency CSO position just like Clinger-Cohen created the CIO and FISMA created the CISO.

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