Legacy Systems: Where the Catalog Falls Apart and LOLCATS Roam

Posted July 31st, 2008 by

Let’s face it, compliance in IT security is a myth.  Compliance in IT security with legacy systems is like a chupacabbra riding a white unicorn chasing a leprechaun while waving Excalibur.  And the auditors just shake their head and wonder why you can’t just comply.

Anyway, on to the LOLCATZ (note that I’m getting all creative-stylie with haikus this week, must be something in the beer last night):


funny pictures

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  1.  Dan Philpott Says:

    Oooh, ajolote. Those things are just … odd. Also, lack login banners so they fail.

  2.  bambijihad Says:

    Part of the problem is that too much emphasis and importance has been laid at the feet of the auditors. Like most REMF’s, they do little more than come in after the battle and bayonet the wounded. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard an auditor say (with a straight face), “give me someone with a strong accounting audit background and I’ll teach them both IT and Security”. Is it any wonder that conversations with an auditor about compensating controls is met with the same expression that my Lab gives me when I read Stephen Hawking to her? I take the low FISMA scores as more of an indictment of the auditor corps than the security corps.

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