Assessment Cases for 800-53A Are Available

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Ever feel lost and lonely when staring at the business end of an ST&E?  Confounded and confused considering Configuration controls?  Perplexed and Puzzled at Planning procedures?  Anxious or amazed at Audit and Accountability assessments?  Annoyed at aimless alliteration?

NIST has heard your muttered curses and answered them!  (Except the annoying alliteration, which is my fault.)

Now available are the Assessment Cases for Special Publication 800-53A.  The Assessment Cases offer supplemental guidance on assessing security controls found in the recently released SP 800-53A Guide for Assessing the Security Controls in Federal Information Systems (PDF Warning).  These documents are in their Initial Public Draft so be sure to give them a look and provide some feedback.

The Assessment Cases contain consensus recommendations from the Assessment Cases Project on specific actions to perform when assessing security controls.  These specific actions are intended to complement the assessment procedures documented in NIST SP 800-53A.   Yes, you heard that right, Specific Actions.  Less time spent pondering how to “Examine: … other relevant documents or records”.

The Assessment Cases Project is an inter-agency workgroup headed by DoJ with members including NIST, DoE, DoT and ODNI-CIO.  Many thanks for the hard work of this workgroup’s membership.  You may not be able to hear it but I am applauding on this side of the keyboard.  And a big thanks to Patrick O’Reilly for pointing me to this wonderful resource.

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  1.  Joe Says:

    Thank you for all the great information and keeping us in the loop!

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