The Cost of S.3474

Posted October 31st, 2008 by

Something fun and new for you guys:  the estimated cost of S.3474 (.pdf caveat applies) if it were to be signed into law in its current state.  Thank you Congressional Budget Office.

Bottom line: $40M in 2009 and $570M from 2009-2013.

A quick update on S.3473:  it’s not going to get voted on by this Congress–the bill ran out of time and all of the politicians ran into campaign season so it’s hard to pin them down and get anything done.  In fact, none of the handful of security bills are going to get looked at until the next Congress.  So yeah, their fate depends on both the presidential and congressional elections next week, then let’s see if there is enough congressional bandwidth to push these bills through after the new administration transitions in.

Some of my S.3474 coverage if you’re interested.

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