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While you were looking the other way, OMB released their Fiscal Year 2008 Report to Congress on Implementation of The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002.  Mostly it’s just the verbatim responses from the agencies and a rollup of the numbers with scarcely any analysis.

It’s interesting to contrast this with last year’s report which had a huge chunk of analysis.  In my cynical hours, I like to mentally replace “analysis” with “spin”, but not today.  =)

Another interesting thing is that since they published the actual responses, you can get some analysis like Angela Gunn of BetaNews provides.

My opinion: metrics are good, raw data is better.

Government transparency in action?  Maybe.  New staffers at OMB? Also likely.

Another interesting and related article is this one from Federal Computer News on Government security metrics. Yes, they need to be reconsidered, but for the most part the existing metrics are aimed at the major provisions of FISMA the LAW which is very high-level and very management-centric.  But hey, that’s what the law is supposed to provide, but more on that later.

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