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I spent the first 2 days of last week in business leadership training.  Some of it was how an engagement proceeds from proposal into something that is billable.  Some of it was etiquette.  Some of it was leadership styles.  Some of it was “we love you, don’t go!”  Some of it was basic networking and etiquette skills for professionals.

I love how the majority of the world is extroverted.  It gives them so many more people to meet.  As for myself, I always get the feeling that I’m walking into an ambush when people are too eager to introduce themselves to me.  I guess that’s why I’ve never been in sales–I’m too cynical to the core to absolutely believe in anything.

So I did my own thinking over the past couple of days on business networking.  I did google searches for “business networking introverts” seeing if I could come up with any good advice.  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Network with a small amount of people, but get to know them well
  • Limit yourself to only a handful of large social events
  • There are many extroverts who claim to be introverts

Now, the interesting thing is that I’ve been doing this exact strategy for years now.  I always joke that I operate like the mafia.  When you come to me, I know the people who can fix your problem, but later, I’ll come to you asking you for a return of the favor.  Somedays, I feel like my job involves introducing people to other people.

But only people that I know well–don’t go thinking I’m an extrovert. =)

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