Friday Flyfish Post

Posted May 18th, 2007 by

Attached are some pictures from the C&O Canal in Maryland.  It’s a nice warmwater fishery and although I have yet to catch the huge bass that live in it, I have seen them up-close on 2 occasions–they made my heart stop, they were so big.

Where the Bluegills Live

Looking Down the Canal

Baby Bassie

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Almost Time to Fish the Potomac

Posted May 11th, 2007 by

I may be still somewhat sick, but I’m not dead yet.  I took an evening this week, severely medicated myself, and fished the Great, Green, Greasy Potomac River.

The water was about a foot high and a little discolored.  Not too bad, but give it a week and maybe it will be really good.  In the knee-deep water, I could see plenty of baitfish but no crawfish.  They estivate during the winter, and I guess it’s still a little too early for them.  No matter, an estimated 75% of a smallmouth’s diet is crayfish, so I figured they wouldn’t mind if I dropped one on top of them, they would still bite it out of reflex.  I tied on a Skip’s Dad and cast out into the current.

I fished the bottom of Langley Island next to where Turkey Run trickles into the Potomac.  I always liken smallmouth fishing to steelhead fishing.  When you’re standing in waist-deep water and casting into a little bit deeper current that’s about walking speed, that’s where you’ll find both the steelhead and the smallmouth.

I landed a couple of nice redbreasted sunfish and lost about a dozen fish, I think at least one was an average-size smallmouth.  I had to “super-size” the weight on the fly because I just didn’t think I was getting down deep enough.

I quit when it started to get dark (the park police are stupidly anal about locking you in after dark, but stupidly lackadaisical about letting you wade in the river), I broke off my fly in a tree, and my reel seat came unglued and slid off the back of the blank.  I shrugged, figured it was a sign that I’ve had enough fishing for a day, and slogged my way back up the hill to the car.

Not bad for my first time out to this spot of the river this year.

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What? No Fish?

Posted April 9th, 2007 by

I’ve been lacking on the Friday Flyfish pictures–it’s been too cold to even think about fish! I’ll start adding more from a sunnier time and place.

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Spring Fever

Posted March 24th, 2007 by

It’s spring, I haven’t been fishing in a long, long time, up into the “months” variable.  When I start having dreams about either work or sniping people in Afghanistan, then I know it’s a time to get outside and throw some flies around.

For the spring, I got a good streamer line.  It’s a 4-foot mini sink tip, so it’s great for wading and throwing some zonkers or whatnot while I’m wading.

I think today is a good C&O canal day, just prospecting for sunfish and the occasional  bassie.  It’s more about getting out than it is about catching things.

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Rag Worms

Posted March 23rd, 2007 by

There’s an article on The Global Flyfisher about rag worms.  These things freak me out for some reason.  But then again, so do catfish and eels. =)

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Friday Flyfish Picture #4

Posted March 9th, 2007 by

The National Zoo in DC has one of the most phenomenal exhibit that I’ve seen: Amazonia.  It’s a mock-up of life along the Amazon River, from both the riverbottom and ground levels.  The arapaima pictured below is this huge fish that lives in the river.  These things are at least 10 feet long!

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