Being the Resident Curmudgeon

Posted May 8th, 2007 by

It seems like the last month people have been relying on me as the resident curmudgeon.  I’m a little outspoken on how I feel, so it’s like people expect me to sit in a closet and they throw me slow-moving softballs so I can hit them out of the park.  I get the feeling that people are using me to say no to things that they think are wrong and they just need confirmation from somebody else.

I get all the open-ended questions like the following:

  • So Mike, how do you feel about us using $foo tool and providing this as a service for free?
  • So Mike, we want to do this project and break all the security rules.  Will you support us in it?
  • So Mike, can we put client networks in this area that we have no control over who goes into and out of?
  • So Mike, can we connect $bar network to $baz network and they talk back and forth even though they’re clients that are not supposed to know each other exists?

I mean, how much of a crotchety old jerk does everybody think I am? =)   And still, I’m good for one lengthy email rant every week or so.

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  1.  Saso Says:

    So Mike, care to join the rest of us on a “Zimmer Frame race around the block”? We can rant and rave about the good old times when people just did things and never bothered to ask security.

    Oh. Oh, I see.

  2.  rybolov Says:

    Kids nowadays, I tell you what. Back in my day, we used index cards and a large cardboard box and that was our database and we liked it that way!

  3.  LonerVamp Says:

    So Mike, we need a direct connection into your database server along with “SA” level privs. Thanks!

    Oh, and I almost thought you were going to say that playing those games turns you into a zombie. Brought back memories of being a zombie with Quake/Unreal Tournament through my college years! 🙂

  4.  rybolov Says:

    You can come over and pick up the box of index cards anytime. It supports as many users as can sit around it.

  5.  Vlad the Impaler Says:

    Well Mike, what did you expect now that I’m gone to work on the Dark Side?

    And where do you think I came up with my handle/alias anyway?

    Still curmudgeonly as I geez,

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