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Posted July 6th, 2007 by

Becoming slightly annoyed with the problems getting feeds from yahoo pipes, I set up a simple cron job to snarf the rss off the yahoo servers every 5 minutes using wget.  Then I changed the hrefs to point at my own server.

While testing wget, I found out why the pipes were bombing out:  The pipes server doesn’t issue a response until it has computed the feed, then it sends it all at once.  This might be up to 10 seconds before the RSS reader gets any kind of a response back, which puts it into timeout territory some of the time.  Trusty ol’ wget worked every time, though–I swear it’s one of most reliable programs I’ve ever used at feeding it glop and getting back pure water.

So here you go.  If you were having problems with getting blank feeds, it should be happy now.  These are off the chateaublogsville server.

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