It’s a Series of Pipes

Posted June 22nd, 2007 by

…or at least that’s how Yahoo has Pipes to process blog feeds. I’m working on a combined feed for ISM-Community. This has to be the easiest point-n-click programming I’ve done in years.

Right now I have the following feeds:

Most of these are low-volume for reasons that any security person who isn’t busy all the time probably isn’t worth hiring or hearing what they have to say.

There are probably more that I don’t know about–it’s not that I selectively left anybody out just yet. The feed should be considered “Beta” quality and shortly (well, when we get around to doing it), we’ll add it to the ISM-Community site.

Drop me a line if you’re an ISM-Community groupie and want your feed added.

And remember, folks, it’s not a big truck. =)

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  1.  Mark Curphey Says:

    I added Ciske Van OOsten as hes taken over the policies and standards focus area

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