Sprinkling on the Magic FISMA Fairy Dust

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I promised myself I would stop with the vendor bashing at least long enough to catch my breath. Well, sometimes in your life something comes along that you just can’t help but comment on.

Press release on how a network emulator can help with FISMA reporting.

This class of products is great–simulated network lag so you can test your network devices, software, etc. Every lab should have this stuff.  I’m pretty sure that some of it is inside my building in the various replicas of customer networks that the engineers use.

But what does this have to do with information security management? Once again, it’s sprinkling the magic FISMA fairy dust and wishing that it makes your product a security device.  Makes me had the”make it secure” wand (complete with star on end and ribbons) that one CISO I know of carries about just for the purpose of being able to wave it around and say “*Poof* It’s secure now.”  I figure happy thoughts are in there somewhere, but I’m just not seeing the exact mechanism.

My friends have a theory that I should start selling SOX socks and FISMA underwear. I’m not so sure about that, but I figure if it works for all these other products, it might be a massive moneymaker for me.  =)

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