Bacn–It’s Cooked Spam

Posted August 29th, 2007 by

Seth Godin’s take on bacn, the spam you get from social networking sites to let you know that somebody has replied to your comment.

Living with 3 socially-aware people (read: girls) aged 10 to 37, I have a simple solution:  procmail rules to kill all the MySpace/Facebook/$FooSpace notifications on my server so the 200+ pieces of mail never make it to the /dev/null inbox. =)

Word to social networking sites:  put the entire content of the response in the email that way users can decide if it’s worth their time to respond or if it’s just somebody saying “OMFG me 2 gf LOL”.  Your users shouldn’t have to go to your website to read every one of these.

And hats off to the Word Press blog  software–it does put the text of a blog comment into the email notification along with the link to moderate.  That’s the way things are supposed to be.

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  1.  Marcin Says:

    I like how WordPress does it as well. Best thing about it, is it gives you the option to delete or mark it as spam right in the email. Great for keeping tabs on comments to my site when Akismet is down or I’m away from my computer and only have my blackberry.

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