The MSSP Blues

Posted November 26th, 2007 by

All I need is a guitar, a harmonica, and a bottle neck. No, not that kind of bottle neck. =)

Well I got up early this morning
With one of those calls from the SOC
Spent five hours on con-call
Just reboot the #$%^@!ing box.

Oh yeah, you know I really pay my dues
What a great big PITA it is when you got those….
M-S-S-P Blues!

I got outages to the left of me
Hackers and worms to the right
Thanks to all my S-L-As
I never sleep at night.

Can’t find anybody to hire,
Engineers walkin’ out the door.
All because of shift work
And wanting 5K more.

Customers are requesting changes
They got a lot of hope.
Won’t be getting any work done soon
‘Cause it’s all out of scope.

Syslog messages aren’t collectin’
It’s broke as far as you can see
We lost hours of logfiles
Because the traffic’s all U-D-P.

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