RealID V/S Court Security Improvement Act of 2007

Posted January 14th, 2008 by

Interesting commentary at Technology Liberation Front about RealID and how under the new Court Security Improvement Act of 2007, federal judges can use their court address as their home address in RealID databases.  Then I stop and ponder who else can get exempted from having their real address in RealID.

Then the madness starts and I have to think happy thoughts like whiskers on kittens with blue satin sashes frolicking in schnitzel with noodles that stays on my nose and eyelashes. =)

The Russian watcher in me can’t help but think back to the halcyon days of the Cold War and remember one word:  “Nomenklatura“.  Maybe we should coin the phrase “Beznomenklatura”: the people who are privileged enough to not be on the list.

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