Taking a Cue From Hermey the Elf

Posted January 25th, 2008 by

Well folks, unlike Hermey here, I have not decided that I want to be a dentist. However, after 5 years (including my “vacation” to “someplace sunny”), I am changing jobs. Today was my last day with $FooCorp1 and Monday will be my first day at $FooCorp2. =)

Seriously, though… the labor market for contractors inside the DC beltway is such that most companies do not promote from within (full disclosure: I’ve gotten more than my share of internal promotions), so the only way to really get ahead is through moving to a different company.

I’m going to go work with a dozen guys that I’ve worked with before and that I trust. That’s enough for me to jump ship.

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  1.  Darren Couch Says:

    Most Excellent! Best of luck/skill with $FooCorp2, and hopefully you can get HR to add a new line of leave per pay period… something like “aquatic biodiversity hardship” or somesuch. =)

  2.  Steve Says:

    Hopefully $FooCorp+1 is going well. I’m sure that $FooCorp-1 will miss you. Hopefully you will stay in touch with X:1…N ($FooCorp(X)->good_freinds()). In addition, I hope that $FooCoorp->happiness() > $FooCoorp—>happiness(). And with that, I have beaten the metaphor to death++.

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