Help Me–Name My Boat

Posted February 20th, 2008 by

OK, so I bought an Outcast Fish Cat 10 IR pontoon boat last week.  The killer was that I was still too sick on Saturday to take it out, so it’s been sitting fully assembled in my living room for over a week now.

But I need a name for this beast so that I can christen it with champagne.  I’m opening name suggestions up to the Internet as a whole.

Some frontrunners for names so far:

  • USS Insecure
  • HMS Bug Bounty
  • Boyancy Compliance
  • The FISMA Floater
  • Cross-Lake Scripting

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8 Responses

  1.  shrdlu Says:

    How about “Bo(a)tnet”?

  2.  Dan Philpott Says:

    Phish Catcher
    Phishing Honeypot
    Compensating Back-Troll
    CISO long, and thanks for all the fish
    FIPS (Fishing In Perfect Solitude)
    Low-Impact Baitline
    Continuous Monitoring (who said puns were de rigueur?)

    Not security related but it kind of sticks with me:

    Angle of Reflection

    Just see if you can avoid a trademark infringement claim if you use:

    Cisco Trouter

    That’s it for me. I give up.

  3.  Ronald Says:

    My suggestions are:
    1. Meerkat Floatsam
    2. Meerkat Mayhem.
    3. Meerkat Bolthole
    4. The Meerkat Diary.

    Damn, that thing reminds me of that guy who won the Darwin awards by floating into the air using a garden chair and weather balloons!

  4.  Gautam Says:

    How about “DefaultName” or “MyBoat”?

    Just kidding, Congratulations on the new boat and happy sailing …

    Best Regards

  5.  Mini-Me Says:

    Microsoft Love Boat

  6.  rybolov Says:

    Hmm, so far what I’m thinking is that the ideas I like have a security slant, a boat/fishing slant, and are short enough to be stenciled on the side of the pontoons, keeping in mind that they are only 10 feet long.

    One that I thought of this morning was “Cross-Site Drifting”.

    And oh yeah, you all will comment on naming my boat, but nobody wants to step in the ring with GAO? =)

    Thanks all, keep the ideas coming.

  7.  Darren Couch Says:

    Well, I’d step in the ring on GAO, but that’s like teaching a sea cucumber quantum mechanics.

    My Vote is “Food is for Mortals”

    or “nano is for Mortals”

    or “The ‘Brown’ Trout”

  8.  Steve B Says:


    A boat is a hole in the water which one throws money in..

    Then I think $->/DEV/NULL is appropriate

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