I’m Addicted to the Hans Reiser Trial

Posted March 11th, 2008 by

Wow, interesting twists abound.  If you’re a geek, into security, and haven’t been following along at home, what’s wrong with you?

Hans Reiser Trial Blog at Wired

Some highlights:

  • It all goes back to the Motherland:  Wife dated KGB, mail-order-bride follies, and ties to the mafia
  • Father says he warned son of “Techno-Geek S&M Crowd”
  • “I do strange things because I’m a geek”
  • In retrospect, it’s probably bad to buy books about murder investigations when you might be the subject of one
  • Doing suspicious things does not mean that you’re guilty, but it makes it harder to prove that you’re not guilty
  • If you can’t find the body, does that mean that a murder has happen?

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