An Informal Study on the Literacy Level of Security Blogs–We All Get Pwned by Amrit

Posted April 30th, 2008 by

OK, I saw this really cool widget on a blog somewhere.  It tests the literacy level of your blog and tells you at what level you write.  Sure, OK, I’ll bite.  Bloggers love bling, dontcha know?

The Genius Widget 

Fortunately for anybody who has eyes, the code that the site gives you to put the widget on your blog contains a SEO-spamming link.  Oh joy, it’s easily removable if you’re halfway knowledgeable.  But you still can use the textbox to feed urls to the machine.

Anyway, in the interest of science and all things egotastical, I submitted some sample security blogs and was highly surprised at some of the results.  My rundown on how particular sites rate:

Now if I check out Amrit’s blog tomorrow and he’s got a genius sticker displayed prominently on his site, I’ll take the blame and rage from the blogosphere.  It’s only fitting.

To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t come in at the preschool level, what with my lowbrow sense of humor and all.  =)

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10 Responses

  1.  Anton Chuvakin Says:

    This makes sense: I am guessing that the use of words like “ignominious” and “obstreperous” ups the level at all 🙂 …

    … killing the readability in 1 shot!

  2.  Alex Says:

    High School? High School?

    I write gooder than thant!

  3.  shrdlu Says:

    Junior high! Awesome!!!!!!1

    Must be all the l33tsp33k dragging me down. Then again, it’s probably the content.

    I have to go shove someone in a locker now, ‘scuse.

  4.  Amrit Says:

    Extemporaneous comparisons indeed! the exemplum of Hoff’s decoupage, crimp blog should rate at a genius level.

  5.  Marcin Says:

    My blog broke the scale. It’s past super-genius.

  6.  rybolov Says:

    @Marcin I know, I tried it. *shrugs*

    What do you do, create all the content dynamically using weird JavaScript tricks? =)

  7.  Marcin Says:

    Actually… I coded my template to be SEO super-friendly, and it increased my pagerank by 1 and searching Google for “Marcin” yields my site in the first 5 search results. 🙂

    I also have caching enabled on the site, so all dynamic content generates a static html file which then gets served to all visitors. When a change is made, such as a new post or comment, the content is regenerated and a new html file is created. That might be causing a problem for the site, I am not sure.

  8.  Don C. Weber Says:

    Wow, who knew the world should think so little of me……Thank you developers of Blog Readability Test for pointing out my immaturity and failure to grasp the use of the American English language.

    I would also like to thank all of my grade school, middle school, high school teachers, as well as my college professors, for completely failing me. My parents should be addressed as well. Does anybody have the number to Child Protective Services?

    Go forth and do good things,
    Don C. Weber

  9.  Marcin Says:

    Don, I think it has something to do with you being from Texas… Just kidding 😀

  10.  LonerVamp Says:

    Marcin complains when I start to use big words. 🙁

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