An Informal Study on the Literacy Level of Security Blogs–We All Get Pwned by Amrit

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OK, I saw this really cool widget on a blog somewhere.  It tests the literacy level of your blog and tells you at what level you write.  Sure, OK, I’ll bite.  Bloggers love bling, dontcha know?

The Genius Widget 

Fortunately for anybody who has eyes, the code that the site gives you to put the widget on your blog contains a SEO-spamming link.  Oh joy, it’s easily removable if you’re halfway knowledgeable.  But you still can use the textbox to feed urls to the machine.

Anyway, in the interest of science and all things egotastical, I submitted some sample security blogs and was highly surprised at some of the results.  My rundown on how particular sites rate:

Now if I check out Amrit’s blog tomorrow and he’s got a genius sticker displayed prominently on his site, I’ll take the blame and rage from the blogosphere.  It’s only fitting.

To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t come in at the preschool level, what with my lowbrow sense of humor and all.  =)

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