Government Pre-Election Slowdown has Started

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Signs of the pre-election slowdown are around us, and I’m definitely starting to feel it.

For those of you outside the beltway, it breaks down like this:  people aren’t willing to make any long-term decisions  or start any long-term projects because they will be overruled in a couple of months after the elections and as election platforms meet reality.  Typically this happens once most of the political appointees are in-place, and I have a feeling that early 2009 is going to be much fun, no matter who wins the presidency.

Now when the current president took charge of the executive branch, he issued a 5-point plan called the President’s Management Agenda.  You can check out the PMA on the OMB website.  And yes, E-Government is one of the 5.  You can expect something similar under the new administration.

As a parting shot, you know it’s a slowdown when you see contracts that will be awarded in November but the work doesn’t start until April.  =)


Lame ducks frozen in water

Lame Ducks Frozen in the Ice photo by digitalART2.

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