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We’re always open to speaking invitations on any topic you see on the blog, just ask via our contact page. In fact, you could say at this point that we are a mini speaker’s bureau for US Federal Government Information Security issues.

Have a look at some work we’ve put out:

Meta-Metrics: Building a Scorecard for the Evaluation of Security Management and Control Frameworks , Metricon 5 2010(.ppt presentation, August 2010)

Building A Modern Security Policy For Social Media and Government, Potomac Forum 2009(.ppt presentation, December 2009)

Compliancy, Why Me? Living with the Compliance Staff, a BSOFH Guide, DojoCon 2009(.ppt presentation, November 2009)

Massively Scaled Security Solutions for Massively Scaled IT: SecTor 2009(.ppt presentation, October 2009)

Making the Choice: ATO, IATO, or Denial: Role of the Authorizing Official/Designated Approving Authority and the Accreditation Decision (.ppt presentation, February 2009)

The Evolution of Digital Forensics: Civilizing the Cyber Frontier (.pdf document, January 2009)

Backtrack 3 and USB: The Quick and Dirty Pictorial Guide to a Non-Persistent USB Installation (.ppt presentation, September 2008)

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: usb pen-test)

FISMA, NIST, and OMB Oh My: Why information security in the Government succeeds or fails and what you can learn from it (.ppt presentation, June 2008)

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