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Nominations for the Pwnie Awards are open until the 28th.  It’s still not too late to get in that last-minute nomination for your favorites.

Award categories:

Note that they don’t have a “Most Loveable but Still Harmless Curmudgeon who Obsesses about Flyfishing, Zombies, and a Whole Lot More” category because I could win it hands-down. =)

Deep inside the site is this link:  PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Deflate Heap Corruption Vulnerability complete with this song:

Twas the night before Christmas, and deep in IE
A creature was stirring, a vulnerability
MS02-066 was posted on the website with care
In hopes that Team eEye would not see it there

But the engineers weren’t nestled all snug in their beds,
No, PNG images danced in their heads
And Riley at his computer, with Drew’s and my backing
Had just settled down for a little PNG cracking

When rendering an image, we saw IE shatter
And with just a glance we knew what was the matter
Away into SoftICE we flew in a flash
Tore open the core dumps, and threw RFC 1951 in the trash

The bug in the thick of the poorly-written code
Caused an AV exception when the image tried to load
Then what in our wondering eyes should we see
But our data overwriting all of heap memory

With heap management structures all hijacked so quick
We knew in a moment we could exploit this $#!%
More rapid than eagles our malicious pic came —
The hardest part of this exploit was choosing its name

Derek Soeder
Software Engineer
eEye Digital Security

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