What’s Happening at Wired?

Posted October 25th, 2007 by

2 blogs from Wired caught my eye today:

Maybe it’s just me today, but is this like watching a train wreck to anybody else? So fascinating I can’t put it down.

The first story seems like something right out of my Russian classes: the grandmother who hangs camouflage netting on the steeples of PeterburgPetrogradLeningradPeterburg to keep the fascist bombers from using them as aiming points.

Less-lethal weapons are cool to experiment with. I mean, um…. we never did get to lock Schmidt (all 250 pounds of pure muscle) in the shipping container and pop a stinger in after him, but with all the movies I’ve seen with bored joes tasering each other in a supply depot near you, less-lethal weapons seem to be the extreme sports of the year.

Here, watch some more pain ray guinea pigs.

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