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Phew, I’m glad today is over.  It’s been a long, hard-won battle.

It started out with a commute out to Largo from Virginia.  It’s an hour-long metro ride, but I have a project that I had to check in on, and it’s been a month since I was last out there.

Then Mark Curphey officially launched ISM-Community.  In the course of 12 hours, we gained 35+ forum members and a sizeable amount of traffic.  It’s like somebody suddenly opened the floodgates.

To top off the day, Andrew Jacquith read my indicator species post and liked it enough to send the link to the security metrics mailing list.  If you haven’t heard of Andrew or his security metrics site by now, you need to go look.  His book is due out on the 30th of March, and it’s none too soon–I’ve been holding my breath ever since he put out the call for peer reviewers.  I don’t consider myself skilled enough at metrics (my metrics are spoon-fed to me by the government) to provide feedback to Andrew, but I sure will learn from reading his book.  I love talking to people who make me feel like I’m Mikey the Village Idiot–Security Geeks-DC was good for this.

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